• Benetti Settantasette
  • CRN 74m CLOUD 9
  • LINEA 90 M
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Pershing 108’

by Pershing Yachts, Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design and Advanced Yacht Technology / Ferretti Group Research and Development Department

Previewed two years ago in issue 13 of Yacht Première, the Pershing 108’ is finally a magnificent reality. This vessel is the first hull in the latest new line by Pershing, one of the eight exclusive brands in the Ferretti Group, led by founder and president Norberto Ferretti. it follows

Pershing 108’

by Pershing and Ital Projects

Almost a quarter of a century on from when it was founded by the brilliant, courageous Tilli Antonelli (who is still the company President), Pershing remains a world leader in the open motor yacht sector. The yard’s prestigious position, which bears out the quality of Italian shipbuilding, was further bolstered around a decade ago when it joined the powerful Ferretti Group. it follows

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