Tankoa S501

by Tankoa Yachts with Francesco Paszkowski and Massimo Visibelli

On the multifaceted world stage of luxury yachting, the most exclusive specialist sector in shipbuilding, Tankoa Yachts has chosen the unusual role of a builder with a multi-cultural approach, successfully integrating a wealth of advantageous principles. The Genoa-based company confirms this, with its management team reaffirming its “stunning Italian design and high flexibility”. The shipyard currently has talks underway with several major clients for the production of new projects in lengths ranging from 50 metres / 165 feet to 90 metres / 295 feet, for construction entirely in high tensile steel and light aluminium alloy, as per the yard’s standard practice. In terms of the current work in progress and events that have been on the calendar for some time now, in June Tankoa Yachts will deliver and shortly afterwards deliver the 70-metre motor yacht known so far as Tankoa S693 Suerte. The yacht will make her debut in September with her official presentation at the Monaco Yacht Show. However, for now, let’s take a few steps back to the Monaco Yacht Show in September last year when – in the presence of the press and the public – Tankoa Yachts officially presented its product strategy for the commercial repositioning of the brand in the near future. With the key objective of expanding its offering on the international luxury market, Tankoa Yachts revealed that it has added a new semi-custom construction yard division to the existing full-custom construction yard division, ready to meet the diverse requirements of owners with differing needs in terms of the timescales for production and delivery. The new semi-custom construction yard division allows Tankoa Yachts to offer an extremely versatile product range, with numerous production options in terms of both type and size class, even though this is based on just three main naval platforms. These three platforms cover three variable length ranges, currently represented by the three new basic designs presented by Tankoa Yachts in the world preview at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show: the S801, which has a length of 80 metres / 265 feet and is the platform for yachts from 78 to 88 metres; the S701, which has a length of 70 metres / 230 feet; and finally the S501, which has a length of 50 metres / 165 feet and is the platform for yachts from 50 to 54 metres. The last of these was the one presented at the most advanced stage of design development, described together with the S701 as already under construction, which attracted immediate attention from the numerous visitors to the Tankoa Yachts stand, soon giving rise to firm interest from a potential clientele. In February this year the Italian shipyard announced the signature of a contract to buy the first hull of the S501, with construction to start almost immediately in April and with a very rapid delivery date set for April 2017 – just 24 months from 0 to 100%. For the first hull of the Tankoa S501, the transaction was brought about to the satisfaction of all parties through the work of the Owner’s broker of choice, brokerage company Aquila Yachting led by Daniel Bussani, and the Tankoa sales coordinator, Michel Karsenti, who were able to advise the Owner on the choice of the European shipyard best suited to the design and construction of the Owner’s new motor yacht. The design for the new Tankoa S501 brought together the contributions of major technical professionals and experts in the luxury yacht sector, who made a priceless contribution to the complex project. The naval architecture and engineering were devised and developed by Massimo Visibelli while the concept design and exterior design are the work of Francesco Paszkowski. The interior design of the first Tankoa S501 is also by Francesco Paszkowski, working with Margherita Casprini. In accordance with the Owner’s request, they skilfully devised a contemporary, luminous style to give the luxurious interiors a modern but warm atmosphere, underlined by serene elegance in the colour choices for the furniture and decoration. Remaining with the first hull, as per the Owner’s decision, the yacht currently under construction is an S501 displacement model with a speed of 16 knots, though from a commercial point of view, it is also available to clients in an 18-knot displacement version and a 27-knot fast version. These three options offered by the shipyard have different hull/engine configurations with repercussions on performance: the displacement version has a full-displacement hull and a low-power engine package for a top speed of 16 knots under half load (or 18 knots), while the semi-displacement hull and high-power engine package offers a top speed of 27 knots under half load. As with the speed performance, the huge range also benefits from the high level of hydrodynamic efficiency of the two hull types, both developed with painstaking tank testing. However, another critical factor is the construction, which is being carried out entirely in 5083 light aluminium alloy for both versions, including the full displacement one, in order to reduce the overall weight of the vessel and consequently the amount of engine power required, achieving a reduction in fuel consumption at the same time as an increase in top speed. As a result, both versions of the Tankoa S501 also have a gross tonnage design value below 500 GT, making administrative management much easier and substantially reducing operating costs. As a whole, Tankoa S501 firmly proves to be an innovative yacht concept that, in spite of a relatively compact size at 49,9 metres, can offer the same comfort and the same facilities as are usually found on vessels in the next size class up. This high level of comfort is united in a balanced way with an elegant, modern aesthetic. It was a demanding task for Francesco Paszkowski and his inseparable graphite pencil, with which he traced the profile of the yacht in order to flawlessly integrate the technical aspects, facilities, living spaces and service spaces. The Tankoa S501 has a multitude of stand-out characteristics, such as the plumb bow, which has a wide hard chine base and high freeboards on top to minimise the risk of water spray while under way. Then there is the layout, which features routes for the owners and guests to move from deck to deck and from the interior to the outside without interfering with the crew at work, giving them complete freedom of movement to carry out their duties. To support the needs of a contemporary lifestyle for owners who place a high value on a constant visual and direct relationship with the sea and the surrounding environment, as well as the sun deck covering 80 m2, the yacht also has other large outdoor spaces such as the three al fresco dining areas and three sunbathing and lounge areas with optional Jacuzzi, alongside foldout balconies to the sides and floor-to-ceiling windows with built-in sliding glass doors. All of this contributes to ensuring a panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding environment from every point on the boat, which has all the space it needs for a sky lounge, living and dining areas, the owner’s suite, a master stateroom on the main deck, two VIP staterooms, two guest staterooms and a beach club with a bar, gym, sauna and Turkish bath on the lower deck, plus a tender garage.

Flaviano Perelli

Tankoa S501 technical specifications

Hull and superstructurelight alloy 5083
LOA49.90 m / 164’ ft
Beam (max)9.40 m / 30’20” ft
Draft full load 2,20 m / 7’22” ft
Displacement lighship 301 ton
Displacement at half load 352 ton
Displacement at full load392 ton
Fuel capacity 75.000 litres / 19.813 US gallons
Fresh water 15.000 litres / 3.960 US gallons
ClassificationLloyds + MCA
Engines (MTU 8V400054R)2 x kW 746 at 1.600 rpm
PropulsionTwin shaft propellers (5 blades)
Electric Power: diesel gen-set 2 x 125 kW
Maximun design speed at half load16 knots
Cruise speed at half load14 knots
Range @ 12 knotsup to 5.000 n.m.
DesignerFrancesco Paszkowski Design
Naval architectureMassimo Visibelli
ShipyardTankoa Yachts S.p.A.
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