by Burger Boat Company, Cor D Rover and Donald Blount & Associates

Created to fulfil a specific concept based on certain key priorities laid out in the Owner’s brief, this swift, luxurious “pocket superyacht” is compact on the outside yet spacious on the inside. Passengers will find themselves as comfortable as at home, in elegant surroundings inspired by classical, traditional styling.

Since 1863, the American yard Burger Boat has been known for its high quality, solid construction, functionality and reliability, seaworthiness and safety. This is all down to its wonderful vessels, which are a source of pride for US shipbuilding and have continued to contribute to a great American legend over the past 146 years. Burger Boat has proudly built up its strong reputation for nearly a century and a half, and is now the oldest yard in the history of United States yachting.
Today, Burger Boats creates fully custom luxury yachts that are made entirely from metal (aluminium and steel), in lengths of up to 200 feet (more than 60 metres). The yard is currently working on several vessels, which are at various different stages of construction: for example, hull 507, the 142 ft / 43-metre Sea Owl, a modern tri deck yacht; hull 500, Sycara, a classical fantail cruiser gentleman’s yacht measuring 151 ft / 46-metre; and lastly hull number 508, a modern classic tri deck yacht of 140 ft / 42.5-metre.
The latter is expected to be launched next spring. These three extraordinary yachts are destined to become the epitome of splendour, just like Burger Boat’s other yachts which recently preceded them into the water. These include the Mirgab V, 144 ft/44 m, launched with hull number 501 in May 2006; she was a landmark for Burger Boat, as she was the yard’s first yacht longer than 130 ft (40 m).
She was followed by sisterships Areti I & Areti II, both measuring 127 ft/38.5 metres, launched with hulls no. 505 and 506 respectively in September and November 2007. These “identical twins”, created by the yard for the same Owner, were featured in a lengthy article last year in issue number 8 of Yacht Première. They were followed by Ingot, 156 ft / 46.5 metres, launched with hull no. 503 in June of last year; the project was featured two years ago in issue number 3 of Yacht Première when it was still under construction and codenamed Hull 503, while the finished, delivered yacht was the subject of another article this year in issue number 10 of Yacht Première. Immediately afterwards came Tò-Kalòn, measuring 101.5 ft / 31 metres. Launched with hull no. 509 last September, she is the subject of this article in issue number 13 of Yacht Première. Tò-Kalòn by Burger Boat is an enclosed bridge motoryacht, commissioned after a contract signed in September 2006.
She was designed and built in under two years, and launched in September 2008, just in time to debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October of the same year. Tò-Kalòn is an outstanding vessel, accomplished thanks to the work of some consummate professionals: Donald L Blount & Associates and Burger Design Team for the naval architecture and engineering; Cor D. Rover Design for the exterior design; and the Owners with Burger Design Team for the interior design. Creating Tò-Kalòn was a real challenge for the renowned yard.
The American owners, who chose Burger Boat for this difficult task, have plenty of sailing experience and had clear ideas on how their ideal yacht should be. Basically, they wanted a yacht to use with their family, and for entertaining friends during the frequent cruises they have planned. At the same time, however, they wanted a technically advanced, elegant vessel that would be compact on the outside but with spacious interiors; and one that could reach high speeds. This latter requirement became one of the main priorities for the project. In short, the clients wanted to own a yacht that would be totally unique from every point of view. Burger Boat promptly took on board all of the requirements and qualities specified by the Owners to put together a single project and create a yacht that was perfect for them. The yard expressly created a swift, luxurious “pocket superyacht”, a sensational vessel that is truly one of a kind.
The main dimensional and technical data
With hull number 509, Tò-Kalòn is based on the naval architecture and engineering developed by the US firm Donald L Blount & Associates Engineering Group, working in partnership with the Burger Design Team at the Manitowoc yard. Tò-Kalòn was built fully in-house at the Burger Boat yard in Wisconsin; the hull and superstructure are made entirely from Alustar 5059 H116 Series Grade aluminium alloy, with a full-welded process. Tò-Kalòn is fully ABS certified: she is compliant with the standards of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Survey and Notation to Maltese Cross A1 Yachting Service AMS for unrestricted worldwide. As for her size, Tò-Kalòn has a length overall of 101.5 ft, practically 31 metres, with a length at waterline of nearly 90.5 ft (over 27.5 metres). The yacht’s maximum beam is 22.5 ft (nearly 7 metres). When half loaded, the hull has a draught of 5.25 feet, equivalent to just over a metre and a half, while when fully loaded this rises to nearly 7.5 feet (more than 2.25 metres). When half loaded, Tò-Kalòn displaces 128 tons (more than 282,000 pounds); while her full displacement is 135 tons, more than 298,000 pounds. Her gross tonnage is 206 GT ITC. Tò-Kalòn’s hull contains five watertight bulkheads, dividing it into six watertight compartments. The yacht’s hull has a semi-displacing bottom with a Quantum Marine QT 120 model 120-hp bowthruster with a tunnel diameter of 16 inches, and is also fitted with Quantum Marine QC 1000 model stabilizers in a twin lateral fin arrangement. The steering system is by Jastram. [...]

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