by VSY with Laurent Giles and Espen Øino

In a short special press release issued in July, famed Italian shipyard VSY, based in Viareggio, presented its major new design: VSY 83M. With a length of 83 metres / 272 feet and gross tonnage of 2,650 tons, a high-strength steel hull and a light aluminium alloy superstructure, VSY 83M is based on a newer, wider naval platform than the one used for the construction of Stella Maris which, with a length of 72 metres / 236 feet and gross tonnage of 2,114 tons, is currently still the flagship of the VSY fleet. As was the case for the previous award-winning vessel, here again on the VSY 83M the naval architecture was developed by well-known architect Laurent Giles, with marine engineering by the VSY in-house technical team and exterior design by renowned designers Espen Øino International. It is certainly clear that in terms of appearance, the new design echoes some of the key stylistic themes of Stella Maris, but it is equally apparent that at the same time, the new VSY 83M has lines and volumes that draw inspiration from and reinterpret explorer or expedition vessels. The Italian shipyard has expressed its fresh new adventure vessel concept in a contemporary way with this modern design, going beyond the preconceptions imposed by transient fashions and surpassing the limitations of temporary market trends to propose its own innovative solution. It is a solution based on a design philosophy that, as the shipyard says, is the perfect response to the needs of an owner who is entirely uninterested in a vessel that is only, or predominantly, a status symbol, but is definitely interested in a vessel that is more importantly a lifestyle symbol, one that tangibly represents his or her attitude to life and to the environment – it’s about the sea and respect for the sea above all else. And in that respect, VSY 83M is truly 100% dedicated. The new design distils and capitalises on all the knowledge and technology developed by the Italian shipyard over time in terms of engine optimisation and pollutant emission reduction, as well as the treatment and proper disposal of waste water. There are also numerous other technological elements that form an integral part of a wider environmental sustainability strategy pursued by VSY, now recognised at an international level. The new design fully meets the highest standards set for Lloyd’s environmental certifications, to the point that VSY 83M will be authorised for direct access even to seawater within environmental protection areas. The Italian shipyard’s superyacht, then, was specially developed with the environment in mind, for conscientious, respectful navigation, and it is entirely clear that the yacht was specifically intended to offer navigation at a more serene pace in comparison with the more frenetic schedules that are all too often suggested in some charter brochures nowadays. VSY 83M is all about voyaging for voyaging’s and exploration’s own sake rather than rushing from A to B and merely housing the guests, and conveys all the irresistible attraction of evocative routes allied with the alluring appeal of adventure and discovery in distant waters and remote lands. All of this is possible with a range at cruising speed of up to 6,500 nautical miles, excellent manoeuvrability and outstanding seakeeping in all weather conditions to ensure complete safety in any situation, and in any case without making any compromises on comfort on board, thanks in part to a remarkable acoustic privacy level. This is in addition to the new design’s major bonus feature, which, given that the superyacht is designed to enter areas that are difficult to reach, is a critically important strategic element for both private and charter use. We are talking about the helideck, which is fully certified to HCA/MCA standards and authorised for technical operations for landing, standing and take-off both in the daytime and at night, using both side landing and Royal Navy landing. In more detail, the helideck on VSY 83M allows for the use of a 4.5-ton-class helicopter such as the AgustaWestland AW169, which has modules to allow for five to ten passengers to be carried. As a result, only two flights will be needed, or even just one, to bring the ten guests invited by the owners on board the superyacht. However, for anyone who prefers not to fly 800 kilometres at a speed of 140 knots, as an alternative a few dozen nautical miles can be travelled at 40 knots aboard a limousine tender or a sports open tender, both 10.6 metres / 35 feet in length. Whatever parameter is considered, VSY 83M is a vessel designed on a grand scale, so all the numbers are similarly large, such as the figures for the size of the numerous spaces for the owner and guests on board, which total 1,870 m2, equivalent to 20,129.54 square feet. In more detail, the external areas have a total area of 979 m2, or 10,538.90 square feet, i.e. an average of 81.58 m2 / 878 square feet available for each person, while the internal areas have a total area of 891 m2, or 9,590.64 square feet, with an average of 74.25 m2 / 799 square feet available per person. For example, the beach club area alone has an area of 180 m2, or 1,937.56 square feet, in addition to the huge fold-down balconies overhanging the water, installed on both sides of the hull to allow for as much direct contact with the water and the natural environment as possible. Among the many expansive spaces on board for open-air living, the huge sunbathing area and the panoramic Jacuzzi pool on the sun deck certainly have pride of place, not to mention the impressive swimming pool on the main deck with its glass bottom to allow abundant natural light to filter through and directly illuminate the beach club lounge below. Inside VSY 83M, the layout is arranged across staggered levels to allow for greater volumes and to create open spaces that facilitate fluidity of movement, full of light thanks to floor to ceiling windows that create complete visual continuity between the interior and the exterior. And of course, there is also a fitness area with a gym, and a wellness area with a hammam, sauna and massage room.

Walter Douglass

VSY 83M technical specifications

Construction typeSteel / Aluminium
L.O.A. 83.00 m / 272’31’’ ft
Beam (max)15.60 m / 51’18’’ ft
Draft 3.70 m / 12’ ft
Gross Tonnage2650 GT (approx.)
Maximum speed 18.5 knots
Range at 12 knots 6500 nm
Man propulsion system 2 x Caterpillar 3516
Max & continuous power2000 kW at 1600 rpm each
Man generators 4
Max & continuous power 300 kW each
Emergency generator1
Max & continuous power159 kW
Bow thruster VOITH – VIT 1000/300-260 kW
Stern thruster SCHOTTEL PUMP JET SPJ 82 RD 350 kW, 360°
Rudder / steering systemROLLS ROYCE PROMAS
Stability assicured by Helideck QUANTUM QC 2200 XT ZERO SPEED stabilizers system
Fully Certified HCA / MCA Landing Helideck for AGUSTA WESTLAND 169 Night Landing Allowed
Guests10 + 2 (Owner)
Crew18 + 2 (captain) + 1 (staff)
Total Guest surgace area1870 m² / 20,129.54 ft²
Interior areas 891 m² / 9,590.64 ft² (Guest + Owner)
Average per Guests74.25 m² / 799 ft²
ClassificationLLOYD'S REGISTER
Naval Architect VSY &Laurent Giles Naval Architects
Exterior design Espen Øino International
Engineering VSY
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