Vulkan 42

by Vulkan Shipyard

Functional fusion. A yacht offering a modern combination of aesthetics and technology, rising to the ambitious challenge of being in the vanguard. By a company committed to setting new benchmarks.

The company is Vulkan Shipyard, and it started business last March 2007. The shipyard installations, wharfs, and laboratories are located on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, north of Valencia in the harbour of Sagunto, on an area measuring more than 42 thousand square metres. Its size and the capacity of its services make the Vulkan Shipyard ideally suited for the design and construction of yachts and megayachts, all strictly tailor-made, and totally custom built in aluminium and steel. This modern shipyard also performs refitting, repair, and maintenance work on boats of all kinds. the specialised skills of the shipyard’s team of a hundred or so professionals and its international presence guarantee that customers are offered top quality service.
This means the work is the result of a precise combination of specialised labour and the latest new technologies with the aim of meeting the needs of even the most demanding yacht Owners. The VK_1 yacht is Vulkan Shipyard’s first, due to be ready for launching next year. This innovative model combines a contemporary design with advanced technology featuring all the characteristics of an ocean-going yacht. At 42 metres in length, it will be the biggest aluminium megayacht designed and produced entirely in Spain so far. The VK_1 is a response to a great challenge.
This ambitious vessel for trans-oceanic voyages is the first and most important card to be played by a company determined to set one benchmark after another in its field, the design and construction of large custom yachts and megayachts in aluminium or steel. For these reasons, Vulkan Shipyard works very professionally to achieve innovation and to produce quality and exclusiveness. As in all design projects, the VK_1 is a product of the client’s needs and requests. The VK_1 reflects the Owner’s personality and was faithfully built to respond to his needs and desires. From the earliest stages of design, Vulkan Shipyard managed to come up with the right responses and solutions for the Owner’s tastes and interests.The result, fruit of the work of an experienced team specialised in naval constructions, is a yacht combining advanced design with top quality specifications. Form and technique come together in perfect harmony. Design and specifications are blended perfectly. The VK_1 is the product of a balanced co-existence between luxury and simplicity, spaciousness and detail, comfort and security.
The attractive design of the vessel’s outer lines and its distribution of space combine to form a pure geometry of trendy yet practical, simple design allied to top-flight criteria in terms of quality and comfort levels. The interiors offer surprising intimacy and warmth thanks to the work of designer Cesar Velayos and the exemplary decoration of Lorenzo Payá. In addition to the exquisite interior finishes, the yacht’s cosiness is a result of the timeless elegance of its teak deck, in harmony with the excellent quality of the materials used for the installations, both in the interiors and on deck. These reflect the Owner’s lifestyle and make the boat as comfortable as a true home even during long ocean crossings. Inside, the intentionally simple lines are elegant and harmonious, with lighting playing an important role. The hull and superstructure clearly bear the stamp of the Owner’s personality, and are solid yet lightweight structures ready for ocean voyages.But the really outstanding thing about this yacht is that it is in the vanguard technologically: the new VK_1 incorporates some very important elements, such as high power, low emissions engines, an active zero speed stabiliser system, an instrument panel with integrated technology and the latest technical installations, all of which put the VK_1 in the vanguard of yacht construction. The technical specifications reveal that the new VK_1 fully meets the strictest requirements for classification of this type of yacht, set by Germanischer Lloyd’s, and also meets Maritime and Coastguard Agency requirements. [...]

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