Wider 165’

by Wider Yachts with Fulvio De Simoni

During a VIP cocktail reception and press briefing in Miami in February this year, Tilli Antonelli, Chairman and CEO of Wider Yachts, officially announced that the Italian shipyard he founded in 2010 is currently building a 50-metre super yacht. The assembled guests – yachting press and yachting industry professionals who had come from all over the world to be part of the Miami Boat Show, and had met up for Wider’s spectacular event on the ocean view terrace of the Soho Beach House – were also shown a compelling video with a visual simulation of the new vessel. Every aspect of the design, from the exteriors to the interiors, was presented in every detail to provide a huge amount of useful information on this exciting super yacht. There was also no shortage of utterly fascinating sequences, such as the night scene depicting the yacht illuminated by a very striking lighting system. As the guests watched the video in Florida, back in Italy Wider’s workface were completing the preparation phases for construction of the boat, which would begin a couple of months later with the cutting of the first metal plates. Tilli Antonelli was of course at the ceremony, and commented: “This is an exciting step forward for our shipyard. It would not be fair to say that work has now started on this 165 footer, because actually we have been working for well over a year to ensure a high standard of excellence in the finished product. Now we can start to really see the results of our work though, as the new yacht will take shape before our eyes in the very talented and experienced hands of our craftsmen.” As this build is entirely in aluminium, the shipyard’s future flagship is taking shape in its Ancona facilities, which are used for metal builds, as opposed to the Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio facilities where composite construction takes place. Ordered by the new co-owner of the Wider brand, the ambitious new project – named Wider 165’ – is the largest vessel built by the Italian shipyard to date. However, this super yacht, probably to be launched in 2016, will tower over the exclusive international setting of luxury yachting not only due to its size. As Tilli Antonelli explains: “Our new flagship will represent the finest marriage of aesthetics, innovation and cutting-edge technology that the yachting world has seen so far.” These are the words of a man who previously successfully invented and developed no less a brand than Pershing. It is in no way an industrial secret that the headquarters and production facilities where Wider designs and builds its motor yachts cover a total of 12,500 m2, and emphasis is always placed on excellence in performance, without neglecting optimisation of consumption. As Tilli Antonelli intended, the Italian shipyard is characterised by a philosophy based on key values including a passion for technology and a penchant for creativity. Since the beginning, Wider has been strongly orientated towards obtaining new results again and again, and taking pioneering, innovative routes towards cutting-edge objectives: as a result, the shipyard steers well clear of stereotypes, aspiring to create formulas that differ from current fashions and proposing reliable, original solutions capable of setting new objectives when it comes to style in ocean navigation. The practical possibility of full individual customisation is of course always available. “Our goal is to give our clients anything they want or need to create a yacht that is a true expression of their own unique personality,” says Tilli Antonelli, “even if it means expanding the capacity of our design, engineering and construction divisions. As we say here at Wider: Never Enough!” This was precisely the case with the new Wider 165’, which was effectively intended to be a different boat when the client initially agreed the construction of a Wider 150’ vessel. However, to meet his request to have a larger main tender on board and, most importantly, to fulfil his wish to have a personal submarine on the yacht as well, it was necessary to design a rather different – and significantly larger – yacht. “The owner wanted to store a three-person submersible on board,” Tilli Antonelli explains. “We didn’t want to compromise on space, so we decided to build him a bigger boat. That’s why the 165’ came up.” The design for the new Wider 165’ was therefore developed on the basis of the reliable naval platform of the Wider 150’ through intensive collaboration between Tilli Antonelli, famous yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni and the Wider Engineering Department’s expert in-house team. Although her dimensions are significantly larger than Wider 150’, the look of Wider 165’ faithfully retains the stylistic characteristics of the Wider family identity, and the yacht also meets the Owner’s specific requirements such as a submersible mooring bay and a touch and go helicopter pad. All of this is done while remaining below the 500 GRT limit which, as experts will know, is an important parameter from both a design and a management point of view. This result was made possible partly by the build entirely in aluminium, a strong, durable but most importantly light material, which can therefore be put to good use in intelligent, responsible design. The reduction in the overall weight translates into a better power-performance ratio: both the top speed and the cruising speed are increased, but at the same time fuel consumption is reduced and as a result the range is also increased. Last but not least, the quantity of emissions harmful to the natural environment is also diminished. The other technological assets of the new super yacht also include the brand new Wider 32’, used in this case as the main tender. It is handled using an innovative floating launching system, which significantly simplifies launching and hauling operations. Another very interesting feature from a technical point of view is the AziPod propulsion system which offers numerous advantages compared to conventional fixed propeller shaft systems: reduced vibrations while underway, better handling during manoeuvring, and a reduced draught since there are no vertical rudder blades. However, the most important technological characteristic of the new Wider 165’ is undoubtedly the hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system supplied by Emerson Industrial Automation, a world leader specialised in the technology and engineering solutions sector. The innovative system is completely modular, consisting of four diesel generators supplying power to two electric engines that also recharge the battery packs. This system gives the motor yacht a considerable speed range to limit specific fuel consumption and therefore ensures an increased range: the yacht can also navigate in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode), i.e. with the four diesel generators switched off and the two electric engines supplied by the battery packs. All the on-board energy sources are controlled by the Wider Management System, an advanced system that manages the power supplied by shore connections, generator sets and battery packs, to optimise distribution to the various on-board systems such as the hotel system and the propulsion system. A further advantage of the modular propulsion system comes from more effective exploitation of the internal volume: the sizeable normal engine room is replaced by a generator room that takes up less space, while the battery packs are housed in their own technical room located in the forward section of the hull. As a result, the central section of the yacht offers more useable space, which in this case has been used to increase the size of the guest staterooms. When it comes to the general arrangement and the interior design, Wider has only released some preliminary information as yet. However, what is certain is that the Wider 165’ will have a beach area among the largest for its size class, with three fold-down platforms and an indoor swimming pool. So for the moment, all that remains is to note that the diary for 2016 has a very important dual entry for Cannes and Monte Carlo where, thanks to the Owner’s generosity, it will be possible to admire this prestigious, exclusive super yacht in person at both shows.

Jacob Herzog

Wider 165’ Technical Specifications

Hull and SuperstructureAluminium 5083
Length (L.O.A.)49.98 m / 165’ ft
Beam 9.00 m / 29’6’’ ft
Draft (Full Displacement)1.98 m / 6’5’’ ft
Gross TonnageLess than 500 t
Displacement fully laden375 t
Fuel capacity45.000 litres / 11.888 US gallons
Water capacity13,000 litres / 3.434 US gallons
Maximum speed (diesel/electric) 15 kn
Range2.500 nm
Cruising speed (diesel/electric)13 kn
Range3.500 nm
Ecological speed (diesel/electric)10 kn
Range 5.000 nm
ZEM speed5 kn
Range Upon the battery pack
Accommodation10 guests accomodations in 5 cabins + 2 pullman beds
4 crew accommodations for 8 + 1 for Captain
LocationAncona (Italy)
DesignerFulvio De Simoni
Naval ArchitectWider Engineering & Associates

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